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Tamim Sibai is a Syrian born, Berlin based artist. His latest work, DREAMERS, sees a series of portraits with their eyes softly closed. Amidst Tamims wild tones and expressionist technique, the figures transpire a certain sense of calm, a deep aura of mystery. I had the pleasure of spending time at Tamims Berlin atelier while he was working on DREAMERS. A labyrinth of colour, Tamims exuberating positivity glows through his paintings, filling the room with wonder. Thank you Tamim for inviting me into your world. Visit more of his work here; www.tamimsibai.com A film by Ashley Wright with music by C I V I C G R A C E


Some Clay got me into another world, i could feel through it my paintings as 3 dimensional shaped and colored, very glad to finish these two portraits and start with new upcoming ones.
Enjoy it and keep tuned for the new collection.

No Rhythm, But One…

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Through many of changes, experiences, challenges and surprises, you still can find your own spot where you can express, talk, sing, write, shout, laugh, paint, share and feel!
This spot might be your rhythm, the rhythm that you feel it is the only way to avoid the routine and all what hits you, the rhythm that you can create it and shape it the way you want!
I have found my rhythm the last 2 months in this cosy place, and i had to put it somewhere out of this regular life progress, surrounded by good friends and positive vibes.

Växjö – Sweden

Galerie Mutare – Tamim Sibai – Felix Gephart – Caro Stark

From the 27th of October till the 27th of November 2018, a group Exhibition by Tamim Sibai ,Felix Gephart and Caro Stark combined between Paintings, Graphics and Sculptures. A great show with many of  Art lovers and friends that brought a lot of good vibes, nice discussions and more stories and ideas that will be a great motivation for new coming Artworks, thanks to Galerie Mutare who present this show.

© Galereie Mutare

Here you can check the exhibition as 3D on the Website of Galerie Mutare : https://www.galeriemutare.de/ and enjoy the Artworks.

Berlin – Germany

Solo Exhibition

Voodoo 55 is a Pop Art space offered a massive place for Artists to express their creative ideas from all kind of Art, Voodoo 55 invites international artists to create their own Exhibition, and turn the place to an unique space that reflect their stories.

I was glad to share this experience as one of my first Solo exhibition in Berlin, and specifically seeing my self again surrounding by my paintings, Friends and Art lovers is one of my favorite feeling that makes me satisfied  and look further for my next level.

Thanks Voodoo 55 for the opportunity.

Berlin – Germany

Tamim Sibai “Conversation” Elhassan Elmounatsir

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Tamim Sibai “Conversation” Elhassan Elmounatsir

” One of my best experience that i had, it was doing the exhibition again in Khartoum-Sudan with my friend Elmountasir at L’institut français de Khartoum.
This video shows and tells exactly our Subject of combining the title “conversation” with the People around and the paintings themselves and how we are all part of it talking and explaining what we can see through these paintings at the same time the paintings had decided to be quite and just looking and waiting”.

Enjoy the video and keep tuned for more coming soon. 

Khartoum – Sudan