Solo Exhibition | opening ceremony | 3.9. – 15.10.22 • Galerie Grolman

The solo exhibition Opening Ceremony shows works by Syrian artist Tamim Sibai. Sibai’s artistic work is influenced by the dialogue with others and the observation of everyday encounters. In his painted portraits, there is an intimate intermingling between artist and subject, where both open up and reveal something about themselves. They reflect both: a depiction of the painted person as well as the artist’s own feelings towards that person. Among other things, Sibai explorers identity and questions of his own femininity in the depiction of his subjects. And so each of Tamim Sibai’s works is a character study of his subjects and himself. Opening Ceremony gathers all these characters and their stories, inviting us to find the beauty of the human being in the everyday.

Berlin • Germany


Beside my paintings and my oil colors all over my space, Etching and some prints have made me do a little challnge of scracthing a few 1:1 Portraits Prints that i really enjoyed doing them and following the steps and discover again how hard is to scratch your lines with knowing no way to erase them. enjoy it.


Solo Exhibition

Voodoo 55 is a Pop Art space offered a massive place for Artists to express their creative ideas from all kind of Art, Voodoo 55 invites international artists to create their own Exhibition, and turn the place to an unique space that reflect their stories.

I was glad to share this experience as one of my first Solo exhibition in Berlin, and specifically seeing my self again surrounding by my paintings, Friends and Art lovers is one of my favorite feeling that makes me satisfied  and look further for my next level.

Thanks Voodoo 55 for the opportunity.

Berlin – Germany