In between

Check it out / video

In between reality and fantasy, rational and magical is a path that brings them together. So glad to take a solo show of the gallery project PLATO’S CAVE as an artist reflecting on Plato’s Philosophy and bring it to a contemporary object telling my perspective and my experiences throughout an Artwork that holds the both contrasts as a color, shape, light and the way it looks. So many steps I went through and essentially on a personal level. trying to document it and aiming to deliver a  painting that matches my exact feelings and thoughts at the same time. it is always a big challenge. The exhibition will take place at Mutare Gallery in Berlin from the 6th of March till the 24th of March. you are welcome to join me this little journey. enjoy it.  You do not want to miss this one. special thanks for those who made this video of the Artwork happened. Credits: Text: Tamim Sibai Voice: Elizabeth Hepworth Camera: Jane Georget and Tamim Sibai Director & Editor: Jane Georget Model: M W and Liana Dahdouh Music: Floris Kruger  © 2021

Berlin • Germany