Der Tagesspiegel

An Article about me written by the Amazing Julika Bickel. So many things to tell, to feel, and to express, here i would love to share a little bit of my story with you, at least the Art still as peaceful as it was. Check out the Link, enjoy the article online on the Der Tagesspiegel Magazine […]

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Solo Exhibition

Voodoo 55 is a Pop Art space offered a massive place for Artists to express their creative ideas from all kind of Art, Voodoo 55 invites international artists to create their own Exhibition, and turn the place to an unique space that reflect their stories. I was glad to share this experience as one of […]

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Group Exhibition “Enter Art Foundation”

I was participating in an exhibition curated by Enter Art Foundation. 50 contemporary artists from 21 countries showed about 250 art pieces. It was very interesting to see this mixture of photography, painting, illustration, collage, sculpture, graphic, and video art. You can have a look at my work and other pieces at the online published catalogue here. […]

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